FWB Software has announced the release of SoftWindows 98 5.1, following last weeks announcement of its updated RealPC 1.1.

The updates support OS 9 and Windows 98 2nd edition, and feature other enhancements - including improved USB floppy support. SoftWindows and RealPC also continue to offer SCSI device support and MIDI capabilities using QuickTime or external MIDI hardware.

Other features include AppleGuide, AppleScript, drag-&-drop for text and graphics, and support for 3dfx Voodoo Graphics and Voodoo2 PCI accelerator cards. TurboStart and EasyLaunch are also featured. TurboStart launches Windows faster than a hardware PC and EasyLaunch runs PC applications the Mac way, by simply double-clicking an icon, rather than by using a command line.