Nissan has integrated Apple's G4 Cube into its new concept car, the Nissan Chappo (illustrated).

On show at the Geneva Motor Show, 2001, and reported by online automotive publication, Motortrend, the car is described as "a living room on wheels". The car has built-in entertainment, video-game controls, electronic monitoring, computer adjustable seats and more. The gadgetry is run by a pair of G4 Cubes.

Nissan says it has designed the car to be more than just basic transportation, but also to be an extension of the driver's "social gathering space".

The vehicle offers a host of features built on Apple's and Nissan's technologies. Apple will soon be releasing it's "crash-proof" operating system, OS X. A short QuickTime movie is available from the site, featuring an interview with the Chappo's designer and a short tour of the vehicles features.