Apple has also updated its servers, releasing new configurations based on the dual 1GHz and 933MHz G4s, the company announced today.

All models ship with Mac OS X 10.1 Server, Gigabit Ethernet and unlimited client licenses. Apple has sacrificed the inclusion of a SuperDrive in its servers in favour of more pre-installed memory and faster hard drives.

Three server configurations available February include:

- The 933MHz G4 with Ultra ATA 80GB drive, a CD-RW and 256MB pre-installed RAM. This unit costs £1,999.

- A dual 1GHz G4 Power Mac with 512MB RAM, an 80GB Ultra ATA hard drive and a CD-RW drive. This unit costs £2,399.

- A dual 1GHz G4 with 1GB RAM, a 72GB, 10,000rpm Ultra 160 SCSI hard drive and CD-RW. This unit costs £3,317.

- These server solutions ship with a wide assortment of server-side software, including solutions for:

File services: Macintosh (AFP over TCP/IP), Windows (Samba;SMB/CIFS), Internet (FTP), UNIX and Linux (NFS)

Printer sharing: Macintosh and UNIX (LPR/LPD), Windows (SMB/CIFS)

Internet and web: Apache web server, QuickTime Streaming Server, WebObjects deployment software, Mail (SMTP, POP, IMAP), WebDAV, SSL, PHP, MySQL, JavaServer Pages, Java Servlets, Perl, Mac CGI, caching web proxy

Networking and security: BSD networking, IP filtering firewall, DHCP server, DNS server, SLP server

Administration: Server Admin (TCP/IP), SSH

Workgroup management: Macintosh Manager2, NetBoot
Directory services: NetInfo, LDAP