Sorenson Vision, a private company making digital video compression tools has announced Sorenson Video 2.1, a developer edition performance upgrade that utilises the new G4 platform.

In combination with G4 computers the new software more than doubles encoder speed when creating video for QuickTime compatible CD-ROM, DVD and web-based applications. The result can be played back in both QuickTime 4 and 5.

The new codec uses the video compression engine used by Lucas Films to publish the Star Wars trailers on the web optimised for the G4. Combined the software claims to offer developers a very significant performance boost with no compromise on quality.

When used with Sorenson's Broadcaster - a live QuickTime streaming tool the software "...will enable live Webcast applications that many would not have considered before today," said M.Ray Brooksby, vice president of sales and marketing. "High quality live web broadcasts have been the goal since the introduction of Sorenson into QuickTime almost 18 months ago".

The Sorenson Video codec uses new vector quantization techniques (the mathematical process by which this compression is achieved), in addition to advanced motion compensation and other image quality techniques. The result is a quality video stream whose high compression allows it to be used in multimedia desktop and Web-based applications, or anywhere that high-quality, low-bandwidth video is required.