Apple has won more praise for its G5 Power Mac – from a PC magazine.

US title PC Magazine declared Apple the winning computer overall in the best personal computer category. The awards recognize products and technologies that have "advanced the state of the art and will have a significant impact on the future directions of technology."

The magazine calls the new Power Mac a "dazzling display of disruptive technology and processor independence," and described it as an "important step forward in desktop computer technology and a vital cornerstone of Apple's future."

Apple may have been better off describing its new Power Macs as "the best overall personal computer" in its TV advertising campaign for the product, which was recently banned by the Independent Television Commission (ITC).

The ITC declared that insufficient evidence exists to support Apple's claims that its G5 Power Mac is the "world's fastest, most powerful personal computer". Apple now declares its machines to be the "world's first 64-bit personal computer".