IBM's 64-bit PowerPC 970 processor (marketed as the G5 by Apple) is among the nominees for In-Stat/MDR's Fifth annual analysts' choice awards.

In-Stat/MDR publishes the microprocessor industry bible, the Microprocessor Watch. The awards will be presented in San Jose, California on February 5 2004.

Editor-in-chief Peter Glaskowsky says: "Our categories this year represent the most interesting and dynamic product areas in the microprocessor industry, and the nominees in each category represent the best of the best."

"The analysts will announce the picks for 2003, recognizing excellence in technology innovation, design, and implementation. This event is the most prestigious celebration of the companies and products that shaped the electronics industry in 2003," it states.

IBM's processor is up against AMD's Athlon 64 FX-51 and Intel's Pentium 4 in the Desktop processor category. IBM's Power 5 processor (widely discussed as the technology upon which a future Apple processor will be based) is also up for an award, this time in the Server processors category.

Motorola has two processors nominated for award in the High Performance Embedded Processors category, and another in the Media Processors category. There are ten categories in total.