Mark of The Unicorn plans to release a free G5 update for Digital Performer 4.1 "soon".

Mark of the Unicorn says: "We have been working very closely with Apple over the summer to ensure compatibility with the new G5 machines. DP 4.1, AudioDesk 2 and MachFive 1.0 all run on the new G5s. DP4 takes full advantage of the multi-processor models, as does MachFive when running with DP4 or other multi-processor-savvy hosts."

A wave of professional-application upgrades are expected, as manufacturers revise products to exploit G5 features such as access to more memory.

Macworld Online Forum includes a thread in which readers using professional applications and manufacturers offering product revisions to harness the G5 processor can announce similar updates.

Mark of The Unicorn will also release its MOTU FireWire OS X CoreAudio driver (version 1.05) for its FireWire interfaces.

It warns that the new G5's new PCI architecture will make some PCI cards inoperable: "The G5 introduces significant enhancements to the PCI architecture, along with a required 3.3-volt card format. As a result, existing PCI-424 cards do not fit the G5s card slots."

MOTU is offering a $69 trade-in deal for owners of these cards in exchange for a revised version of the card which does fit the new PCI slots.