Apple continues to stress the technical challenge of putting a G5 processor in a notebook - but may plan to ship them this year.

A report on Taiwanese technology industry Web site,
DigiTimes, claims that Quanta Computer has been contracted to produce 30-50,000 PowerBook G5s each month, with a claimed delivery date of "2Q 2005".

While it is possible the report is flawed, that DigiTimes sources may be misinformed, the story grows more exciting: the report also claims that Asustek has been contracted to produce 1.3-1.5 million iBooks each year - both G4 and G5 iBooks, with the "iBook G5 scheduled to start shipping in 2Q 2005," the report claims.

Foxconn has been contracted to ship "at least 100,000 Mac minis each month", the report claims, adding that Asustek is producing 400-500,000 iPod shuffles each month to satisfy anticipated demand.

Speaking during Apple's financial call this week, Apple chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer described the production of a G5 PowerBook as the "mother of thermal challenges".