An additional G5 update has been released for an image editing application – this time from the OpenOS X Group for its Gimp project.

Gimp 1.2.5 has been accelerated for use on Apple's new processors. The product is described as an "easy-to-use" (single-click) solution for installing the open source Gimp software on Macs. From the Unix industry, Gimp is a photo manipulation and graphics tool.

The update introduces new features, makes Gimp more stable and has been compiled to use the processing capabilities of the new G5 chip, which it has been built specifically for, though it will operate on older chips.

It ships with documentation in PDF and HTML formats, tutorials, 100 fonts, brushes and patterns, and 600MB of plug-ins. The product costs $30 on CD, or $25 online.

In recent days, Adobe released its G5 update for Photoshop, Emagic released its Logic Platinum updater for the G5 and Mark of The Unicorn announced the imminent arrival of its own G5 update for Digital Performer.

Macworld's Online Forum includes a thread in which readers using professional applications and manufacturers offering product revisions to harness the G5 processor can announce similar updates.