Apple-owned subsidiary Emagic has released G5-optimization software for Logic Platinum 6.2, its industry-standard music-making application.

The update enables the application to exploit the Mac OS X 10.2.7 operating system installed on Apple's new pro G5 desktops. Though a 32-bit OS the software update enables Logic to harness more features of the 64-bit processor inside the G5s, such as the capacity to address more memory, for example.

Users will also be able to work on larger audio projects than before, and utilize more software instruments and plug-ins within individual projects than possible before the G5.

Dr Gerhard Lengeling, Emagic co-founder and chief architect audio application, said: "The G5 is a dream machine for musicians. The introduction of the first 64-bit desktop processor means a huge step towards an integrated computer-based native music-production system. One that includes software instruments, composing and post-production tools. Musicians will experience an incredible performance boost.

The downloadis free to all registered owners of Logic Platinum 6.x.