Apple 's new G5 Power Macs are shipping today, Apple has announced.

The news follows an earlier report in the The New York Times which said the product would ship today.

UK shipping has now been clarified – the two new single processor G5 Power Macs are available now through the Apple Store and are being shipped out to UK resellers.

Apple has achieved 100,000 advance orders for the new Macs since they were announced, Apple said, adding: "The dual 2.0GHz Power Mac G5 will ship later this month, as planned."

Apple senior vice president of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller said: "The Power Mac G5 is a big hit with customers and developers. The two single processor Power Mac G5 models are available now, so we wanted to get those into customers hands as soon as possible, and we’re right on track to deliver the dual 2.0GHz Power Mac G5 later this month."

The New York Times this morning also looks at the appearance of other 64-bit desktop PCs from AMD.

"The arrival of 64-bit desktop processors signifies a new era of computing," says the Times. "The new chips will affect every day computer users, for whom a new generation of media machines should offer remarkable improvements in audio and visual effects."

Adobe told the Times it plans to release its Photoshop performance plug-in for the G5 that will improve that application's performance by 75-200 per cent on Tuesday.

MacCentral now has published an interview with Apple's vice president of hardware product marketing Greg Joswiak in which he confirms the new Macs to be selling well.

He also confirms that last week's temporary closure of IBM' New York manufacturing facility because of the massive East Coast US power outage did not affect processor production. "We're right on schedule," he said.

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