Mac fans looking for a first glance at Apple's new Power Mac G5s should contact their local Apple Centre towards the end of this week, as demo units are reportedly being dispatched to channel.

Apple began shipping single-processor 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz Power Macs this week, with dual-processor 2GHz models "on target" to ship this month. Larger authorized resellers have confirmed they expect to take delivery of their demo units later this week.

London's Square Group director Darren King told Macworld: "We should have our demo unit in from tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday this week. Mac users who'd like to take a look at the new Power Macs should call us first to make sure its arrived."

Apple has already sold 100,000 of its new Macs, and has high hopes for its new product, which it hopes will help restore its professional desktop sales.

Third-party software companies have already begun releasing G5 optimization software updates. Adobe promises up to a 200 per cent performance improvement in Photoshop.

The 1.6GHz G5 Power Mac costs £1,549, the 1.8GHz model is £1,849, while the high-end Power Mac is £2,299. All prices include VAT.

The Square Group can be contacted on 020 7692 6810.