Sibelius Software is launching its new Sibelius G7 Kontakt software at Birmingham's British Music Fair.

G7 Kontakt edition is a new software solution for creative guitarists and songwriters. It offers composition and arrangement tools, and has been built in collaboration with leading music solutions firm, Native Instruments.

The product offers many enhancements and brand new features, including: the facility to burn songs to CD; access to an extensive sound sample library with drums, percussion and instrument sounds.

The software also allows its users to select a style from a drop-down menu to create accompaniments for a composition.

Jeremy Silver, CEO of Sibelius Software, said: "This exciting collaboration with Native Instruments helps bring real sounds to G7 and will allow the end-to-end creation of a song, from a blank page all the way to a CD."

Hammer ons and pull-offs

Users can play music directly into G7 using the onscreen fingerboard. Entering a note requires users to point the cursor over the appropriate note and click the mouse. Build up a chord by clicking more notes on the fretboard. You can also select between different neck styles (including three different bass guitars).

Performances can be input using a MIDI instrument, and G7 automatically translates the music into tab in real time. Once a basic melody is in place it can be perfected using a range of advanced editing facilities, including the addition of markings such as bends, slides, hammer ons, pull-offs and harmonics.

Chord symbols are automatically generated and accompaniments can be added, lyrics can be typed directly onto the score or imported from a text file.

A single click allows the software to convert tab notation into conventional music notation (and back). The software can analyzse any music, even that not written for guitar in order to figure out the right guitar equivalent.

Sheet music can be scanned and the extensive sample library of studio quality sounds means most guitar sounds can be emulated.

The product also ships with comprehensive information on guitars, playing techniques and musical styles.

Available for both Mac and PC, Mac requirements are: Mac OS 9.1/9.2/10.1.5 or later, iMac/G3/G4/G5, 128Mb+ RAM (OS 9) or 192MB+ RAM (OS X), 80MB hard disk space. Scanning requires TWAIN-compatible scanner and may need more RAM.

Pricing not yet available.