Partially reflecting Apple's move to become a digital media company, IDG World Expo has announced a new 'geeks and gadgets' feature for Macworld Expo Boston in July.

Meanwhile there's still time to sign up for one of the last few places at Macworld UK's forthcoming Macworld Conference in London later this month.

Attendees are promised a dedicated stage for the feature on which "real-world Mac users who have done extraordinary things with Mac technology" will talk about what they have achieved.

The presentation features engineers, artists, and other visionaries who looked at a Mac and seen a completely new way to use it. Presenters will tell their stories and inspire Mac users to explore the endless possibilities of the platform.

Presentations include…

"The Mac-Controlled Home" is presented by Raj Maya, president of Amazing Controls. Maya will demonstrate how Mac solutions are used to create the ultimate smart home, controlling lights, security systems, garden management, curtains, audio-visual systems, and more.

"Mac Video Magic Makes TV Better" is presented by Jon Alper, Jamie Biggar and Brenden Kootsey of WGBH Interactive. The team will show how Macs are setting the bar for next-generation broadcasting. Among other topics, they will explain how they uploaded movies from Everest base camp with a PowerBook and a satellite phone.

"Your Mac is a Telephone (And Other Communication Secrets)" is presented by Michael Bayer, president of Computer Telephony Solutions. Bayer will demonstrate how Macs and telephones can integrate using standard phone lines and the Internet, enabling exciting and innovative new communications.

Macworld UK columnist Andy Ihnatko will present "MACQUARIUM LIVE!". He will demonstrate how to turn an old Mac into a fully functional 2.5-gallon aquarium.

Ihnatko will also appear at another key educational date in the Mac user's calendar – the Macworld Conference, which takes place in London on May 17-18. This is the first such conference to take place in the UK, and will feature many of the world's leading Mac experts.

Speakers include Photoshop guru Deke McClelland, Colour expert Dr Ross Allen, Macworld contributor Ben Long, Adobe evangelist Peder Engrob, and many more. A few tickets are still available.