Gadget vultures want to see video-enabled iPods claims UK gadget magazine T3.

Rumours predicting such a device have circulated since Apple launched its industry-leading MP3 player, so much so that in June Apple CEO Steve Jobs said: "I'm not convinced people want to watch movies on a tiny little screen."

Now T3 has worked with Designworks Windsor to build a mock-up of what a video iPod could look like. The device is the cover feature in the September issue (available August 5).

Part of a regular series called Future Gazing, T3 looks at iconic products like the iPod, imagining what could happen to them in the next few years. "It's time for Apple to release a new iPod, but the new version won't be restricted to playing music – it'll play videos too," T3 writes.

The magazine proposes a 4.6-inch colour screen with a 50GB hard drive and built-in Bluetooth. The screen will be touch-sensitive so the device will have no "clunky buttons". There's more images inside the magazine.

"Let's hope the folks at Apple are inspired to bring us the real thing early next year," writes T3.