Mac-games developer resource idevGames has announced a public vote to select the winners of its second annual UDevGame 2002 contest.

The contest aims to “energize game development” on Macs, encouraging “the creation of new and unique titles” for the platform. It is open to Mac developers, regardless of experience.

After three months of development time 40 competing titles are available. Now the public is invited to select winners. In excess of $15,000 value of prizes are available contributed by several companies. For example, Apple is offering one year’s free Select membership to the Apple Developer Connection and twenty per cent off the cost of a complete new Mac system.

The independently developed collection of titles includes action, arcade, simulation, strategy, and puzzle genres.

Games are judged under the following criteria: game-play; originality; graphics; sound and music and “polish”. The public vote is open for nine days up to November 26. Winners will be announced on December 2.

The organizer says: “The Mac is quickly establishing itself as the premier platform to develop for. We believe Mac hardware and OS X provide a superb gaming platform.”

Many of the titles exploit new or Apple-only technologies. For example, Macworld recently-reported on The Belt, an entrant to this year’s competition that integrates Apple’s automatic IP Rendezvous feature, for no-configuration set-up of games over an IP network.