Feral Interactive has released a demo version of Worms Blast.

The 32MB demo features two characters, part of the game's puzzle mode, a Tournament match and a death-match option for one or two players. Game-play is limited to two minutes.

Players must shoot at colourful blocks, and, if the shot-colour matches that of the block, that block is destroyed, as well as all the connecting blocks of that colour.

The full version offers eight multiplayer modes, ten-game modes; 20 weapons and gadgets; a variety of characters and a tutorial.

The game requires Mac OS X 10.2.3 or above, or Mac OS 9.x; a 233MHz G3 processor; 64MB RAM and 300MMB hard-drive space. It cost £29.99.

Feral interactive has also released a series of patches for Black and White, Creature Isle, Formula 1 and Theme Park Road. These patches repair a flaw created once users install QuickTime 6.1 which caused the games to stop working.