Feline Entertainment has announced The Belt – a free arcade strategy sci-fi game offering built-in Rendezvous support.

The developer is submitting the title as its entry in the uDevGame 2002 Mac game programming contest. uDevGames is a competition that aims to improve the Mac gaming community by encouraging game design and developer collaboration. Feline Entertainment has also released the source code for the title.

The games Rendezvous support enable seamless networking for multiplayer games over IP networks. The Belt also offers cross-platform support for Mac OS 9.x, Mac OS X and a variety of Windows operating systems.

The developers say: "The source code shows how easy it can be to compile a game for both Mac and Windows. This helps put to rest any fears Windows developer "Switchers" may have in leaving their platform and knowledge behind them when they look to develop for the growing Mac-games market."

The single- or multiplayer game offers "fast-paced head-to-head combat action" and supports OpenGL. Players control opposing gun turrets as they fight a battle to keep their base secure.