ATI Technologies hopes to impress games developers with its next-generation chip technologies today.

The company, which makes the Rage 128 graphics controller built in to today's Macs, is set to show off components of its new chip at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose.

The key components - the Charisma Engine and Pixel Tapestry Architecture - will "revolutionize the 3D graphics power" of personal computers, and bring 3D characters to life on the screen, according to ATI.

The Charisma Engine incorporates advanced game character acceleration for 3D skinning and key-frame character animation. These effects generate life-like expressions and movement.

The Pixel Tapestry Architecture features a "GigaTexel" rendering engine, and creates photo-realistic textures and surfaces, such as metals, liquids and wood.

ATI has not commented on whether Apple plans to build the new chips into its Mac systems.