Five independent games developers have formed Bunch Media, a new games group.

The company has been set up to act as a central point of contact for retailers, distributors and catalogue resellers. Each of the five founding companies will maintain their corporate identities.

The companies are:

A Sharp, makers of King of Dragon Pass, which won the "Best Visual Art" award at the Independent Games Festival 2000.

Delta Too, developers of Eric’s Ultimate Solitaire, Clan Lord and Spaceward Ho!

Freeverse, who released Deathground and Burning Monkey Solitaire.

Green Dragon Creations, publishers of Gridz, Battle-Girl and the group responsible for porting Links LS 98 and MechWarrior 2 to the Mac.

Monkey Byte Development, who publish Galactic Patrol, Distant Suns and other shareware classics, as well as developing Encore Software’s Kawasaki PowerSports line.

Jason Whong, Bunch Media’s president, said: "Much of the Mac-only and Mac-first game development has been coming from a bunch of little companies. Bunch Media will meet the needs of resellers looking for exciting titles released either simultaneously for Mac and Windows, or exclusively for Macintosh."

Bunch Media will act as a contact for developers, publishers, resellers and distributors representing the five companies.