Major US games companies will attend Apple Expo in Paris to showcase the wide range of titles now available for the Mac, Apple sources have confirmed.

The Entertainment Solutions Centre area of the show will host a games pavilion, similar to those seen at Macworld Expo events in the US. It will include a large seminar theatre, offering presentations and sneak product previews from major games developers.

Apple will use the area to demonstrate its games-friendly technologies, including OpenGL, QuickTime, FireWire and AirPort. Gamers will also enjoy access to games arcades, where they will be able to try new titles at the show.

MacPlay plans to exhibit its new £19.99 Value Series, a selection of 15 titles (to be shipped in the UK by Softline) that includes Majesty, Sacrifice, Fallout and Hexen.

Other major games publishers attending the European Mac event will include Sims-publisher, Aspyr, and Black and White publisher Feral Interactive. France's largest games distributor, Apacabar, will also attend the event.

Apple Expo runs from September 10-14 in Paris. Pre-registration is open now.