Epic Interactive, a long-time developer of games for other platforms, has begun porting its titles to the Mac.

The games developer and publisher plans to port both original and established titles to the platform, with four titles in the pipeline for this year. The company intends releasing 12 Mac-friendly games next year.

In the line up for 2000 are Simon the Sorcerer, originally developed by UK firm Adventuresoft. The game is scheduled for a September release, with a sequel, Simon 3D, scheduled for 2001.

The best-selling real-time strategy game on PC, Earth 2140, is slated for November release. It ranks with Command and Conquer and Warcraft in the gamers lexicon. The game has spawned a multitude of Web sites.

The first original title for the Mac from Epic will be Dafel: Bloodline, developed by UK firm Pagan games. This is a role playing game set in the 21st century. Release is set for November.

Finally in 2000, Epic will release Gorky 17 (illustrated), an action-adventure originally published for PC-gamers by Topware Interactive. This game was released as Odium in the US. The Mac version should go on sale at Christmas.

Epic Interactive’s new Web site will go online in September at www.epic-interactive.com