Speaking at the 4th annual Interactive Entertainment Festival in Edinburgh, David Gardner, chief operating officer for Electronic Arts (EA) has lamented the lack of video games aimed at women.

EA's own research found that only 40 per cent of teenage girls played video games compared to 90 per cent of teenage boys.

The findings found most girls had lost any interest within a year and did not want 'pink games' about shopping and make-up.

One game that is proving popular with girls is The Sims produced by EA and popular amongst Mac users of both sexes.

"Most of the Sims players are girls - 70 per cent are women under 25," Gardner said. "The Sims is really a game about relationships, and that's what girls want, they want relationships, and they want to be able to chat."

Gardner estimated the untapped female gaming market could add a billion dollars to EA sales, according to the BBC report.