Aladdinhas released the Game On! Action Pack, Volume One – a collection of titles including No One Lives Forever and Tomb Raider Chronicles.

Aladdin product manager David Polzine said: "With the Game On Action Pack we wanted to give Mac OS X users a bundle of some of today's most challenging action games."

Gamers can go on top-secret missions, battle with aliens, and take part in high-speed chases. Also included in the Action Pack are: Freedom Force, Incoming, SpyHunter, and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force.

The Game On! Action Pack costs $49.99 and is available from Aladdin.

All of the games require at least a G3 Mac, and Aladdin recommends at least 450MHz or faster, 256MB of memory, an accelerated 3D video card with at least 16MB of video ram. All run on Mac OS 10.2.4 or higher.