A new UK product offers a youth-focused way to dress your iPod - a hoodie (illustrated).

Young UK entrepreneur Ashley Davison has begun selling grey hoodies for iPods and iPod nanos at just £10.99 each. They are available from his website and were featured on Channel 5's Gadget Show late last year.

"The aim was to keep your MP3 player protected in something unique and eye catching. Hoodies will transform your MP3 player into something more individual," said Davison. 

It remains to be seen whether hoodie-wearing iPods will be banned by some large shopping centres, which have elected to exclude people on the basis of their dress, banning hoodie wearers from the cluster of shops they purchased their apparel from in the first place.

UK rapper Lady Sovereign has been sufficiently incensed by retailer's moves in this that she has launched the Save The Hoodie campaign.