Innovative UK company Molecular Sensing has announced Genedrive and the DNA smartcard, genetic-testing technologies for the Mac.

The Genedrive fits the drive bay of Apple's G4s and has been developed for DNA and RNA identification. DNA samples can be contained, amplified and detected within a credit card size device – a single-use DNA smartcard.

Molecular Sensing claims Genedrive will prepare an amplified DNA sample in 8-15 minutes. Genedrive has been developed as a tool for healthcare professionals and geneticists.

Traditionally, DNA and RNA testing has relied on fluorescent dyes and so-called wet chemistry. Because Molecular Sensing's solution depends on micro-electronics, the procedure is a much faster.

The technology was developed by Dr Ben Cobb, the CEO and founder of Molecular Sensing.

Apple recently launched a Web site devoted to the use of Macs in scientific and research establishments.