Currys and PC World are offering to give you £350 for your old Mac if you buy a new MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro or Mac mini before 25 October 2012.

Many Apple resellers had a similar Mac trade in deal back in May. That deal was running until 17 June, which lead to speculation that Apple would soon launch a new range of MacBooks, which proved true. Apple is expected to launch a iPad mini at the end of October along with an update to iTunes. It is also thought that a 13in MacBook Pro with Retina Display may soon launch along with a new iMac, which is long overdue an update. 

[Update: Apple has an event scheduled for the 23 October at which we expect it to launch the iPad mini13in Retina MacBook ProMac mini and a thinner iMac. More info:Apple invites Macworld to event: iPad mini, Retina MacBook, thinner iMac expected]

You can get £350 cashback if you trade in an iMac, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro that is less than three years old

If you trade in a MacBook that is less than three years old you can get £250 cashback.

Trade in a Windows 7 laptop that is less than three years old and get £150 cashback.

And get £100 cashback with you trade in other laptops less than 6 years old.

The new Macs available as part of the promotion on Currys website (follow this link) include the 27in iMac i5 (£1,399 and £1,649); 21.5 iMac i5 (£1,249 and £999); 2.3GHz Mac mini i5 (£529); 2.5GHz Mac mini i5 (£699); June 2012 Mac Pro (£3,099 and £2,049); June 2012 13in MacBook Pro (£999 and £1,249); June 2012 15in MacBook Pro (£1,499 and £1,799); June 2012 13in MacBook Air (£999); June 11in MacBook Air (£849); MacBook Pro Retina Display (£1,799) and more.

A number of refurbished Macs are also included such as Quad-Core Xeon Mac Pro (Refurbished) (£1,799); and 17in MacBook Pro (Refurbished) (£1,399).

PC World has a similar offer here.

The offer ends on 25 October 2012.

Currys and PC World, are hoping that the scheme will promote recycling of old machines.

Former Dixons Retail CEO John Browett now heads up Apple's Retail operation.

According to the terms and conditions you have to take your trade in product and all accessories to your local post office to be sent to the relevant recycling facility.

The value of the rebate is dependent upon the trade in product you are trading in as part of this promotion, explains Currys.

The trade in Mac or PC must be: "Working and complete with all accessories needed to make it fully operational (including power supply unit). And, if applicable, hold its battery for a minimum of 20 minutes without being plugged into the mains," according to the terms and conditions.

"If your trade in product does not meet the criteria your rebate may be revalued or your claim rejected," states Currys. If you refuse to accept the revaluation you can have the trade in product returned for a fee of £15, payable by you in advance before its return.


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