Until 6 May, you can get your hands on a free, black 50cm Thunderbolt cable when you buy an Elgato Thunderbolt SSD from the Elgato Online Store. Elgato’s is the first Thunderbolt cable to be available from anywhere but Apple.

Apple’s Thunderbolt cable is 200cm, but Elgato has made its cable specifically for mobile use, at just 50cm. The shorter length aims to add portability and to keep clutter to a minimum.

The recently launched Elgato Thunderbolt SSD is a compact, portable high-speed drive for your Mac. Buy a 120GB or 240GB model (£349.95 and £569.95 respectively) from the Elgato Online Store before 6 May to get a free 50cm Thunderbolt cable.

The Elgato Thunderbolt Cable costs £49.95 when purchased separately.