Apple is offering European customers the chance to buy its stylish, acoustically tuned and see-through iSub subwoofer for just £9 when they purchase a new iMac DV.

With the iSub connected via USB, Apple claims that users will "feel the thumping sensation of a rich, deep bass through the soles of their feet" The iSub subwoofer was specially designed for the iMac by audio experts Harman/Kardon. The iSub takes the audio performance of the base Harman/Kardon Odyssey system in every new iMac "to the next level", according to Apple. It boasts an even wider (46Hz to 200Hz) frequency response, a 20-watt amplifier, and a six-inch woofer.

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DV offer only Customers in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium and Austria can purchase a qualifying iMac DV or an iMac DV Special Edition, and be eligible to purchase the iSub for £9 (including VAT). The £9 iSub is not available with the £799 entry-level non-DV iMac. iMac DV prices start at £999 (inc. VAT).

The iSub is also available to existing iMac customers at £79 from the Apple Store.

The offer is valid while supplies last.