Mac-only gaming service GameRanger has introduced support for forthcoming title Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon to its online multiplayer gaming service.

Ghost Recon should ship in the UK from early next week, according to Aspyr's UK distributor, Softline. It costs £39.99 (including VAT).

Tom Clancy's previous titles - Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear - have emerged as the most popular games on the GameRanger service.

Ghost Recon transform a user's Mac into a wartime control centre. The action is set in a future war scenario: Russia has fallen to nationalists, who want to rebuild the Iron Curtain.

The player commands an elite team of US Green Berets who are despatched on a challenging series of demolition and search -&-rescue missions. Players must select, train and lead their team.

Also included within Aspyr's Ghost Recon release is an expansion pack (Desert Siege) that deploys US elite forces into a battle to defend the Red Sea from hostile forces to protect US shipping interests.

GameRanger already supports hundreds of Mac titles, including: Black-&-White, Jedi knight II, Medal of Honor, Stronghold and others. The company's software (now at version 3.0) is available for free download.