LaCie has announced the GigaCDBox and the GigaCDTower, both of which allow up to 90 CDs to be shared across a network.

The GigaCDBox has a CD-ROM drive and an 18GB hard disc, and the GigaCDTower, featuring six CD-ROM drives and an 18GB hard disk. The GigaCD Box is £1,395, the CDTower £1,955.

Both have an access time of nine milliseconds and require no server, but are plugged into an ethernet network with a RJ45 connector.

Each CD is copied to the hard disk, offering fast data-access and multiple useage. From any standard Web browser, data can be copied from CD to disk, all or part of a CD erased and passwords set.

The GigaCD line is compatible with most operating systems, including the Mac OS. The products are available in the UK “in the near future”.