SmartLabs has given former Apple CEO Gil Amelio a seat on its board of directors.

Amelio will: "Assist in further refining the future direction of the company and will leverage his industry connections and expertise in technology to pursue strategic alliances," the company said.

In recent years, Amelio has been a venture capitalist focusing on early-stage startups. He is currently a senior partner at Sienna Ventures and serves as a director of a number of technology companies including AT&T. Amelio is also CEO of Acquicor Technology, which he launched with former Apple executives Steve Wozniak and Ellen Hancock.

"The addition of Gil Amelio, a prominent technology industry veteran, to our board is further confirmation of our leadership in the wireless and wired home control networking market," said Joe Dada, SmartLabs founder and CEO.

"Amelio brings a wealth of experience and strategic insight, and his perspective and expertise will be invaluable.

"The extremely dynamic home networking market is just beginning to address the needs of the mass consumer," said Amelio. "SmartLabs is at the forefront of that effort, and all the critical success factors are in place, from thought leadership to sophisticated technology and product design to cutting-edge marketing and distribution."