Apple must make Macs part of a digital entertainment hub if it is to realize the machines’ market potential, a survey shows.

More than half of online consumers would record programs and movies on their computers if they could playback the content on a standard television, and according to Jupiter Research.

A Jupiter survey found that while 51 per cent of consumers are willing to record content on their PCs for playback on their TVs only 34 per cent would download TV content to watch on their desktops.

Jupiter analyst Michael Gartenberg told TechWeb: "Apple has been pushing the idea of the Macintosh becoming a digital entertainment hub for a while. However, Apple has taken a different approach with the Mac.

“The Mac so far has not been positioned as a recording device for TV content like the Microsoft Media Center, and lacks the latter's remote-control features, which means consumers can access music, movies and programming from their couch."

"Providing software continues to make PCs as easy to use for entertainment as traditional consumer electronics, then the trend toward the computer as digital entertainment hub will continue."