Visitors to Glasgow can now tour the city while listening to a digital guide to its creative hotspots on their iPod.

The world’s first iTour was developed by Tennent’s Lager. Tennent's public relations manager Rob Bruce told The Scotsman: "We had been looking for something to tap into the burgeoning iPod and MP3 culture, but to bring into the local music scene. It just happened that we were approached by Sam Chapnick, a New York-based producer who had the idea for a tour of the city, and the two ideas married perfectly."

He explained: "Essentially, we were looking at it as a way of giving something back to the city, promoting it to the world at large. It really provides you with your own personal guide to Glasgow’s music.

"But it’s not just that, the whole music scene is tied up with the visual arts and local culture. So where there happens to be a musical focus, there are other cool things going on around them."

The iTour is designed by an American-Scottish couple based in New York. Creator Samantha Chapnick told Sunday Herald Glasgow: "When I was in Scotland as a tourist it took me a long time to see Glasgow as a place that had something amazing to offer. Tourists think 'Edinburgh: the castle. Glasgow: what is there?' and I wanted the iTour to show off what a great place it is."

Chapnick says she consulted music experts, promoters, DJs and fans, to get the right mix of trivia, tourism information and new music for the content of the iTour.

Music scene

Glasgow City Marketing Bureau chief executive Scott Taylor said: "The music scene in Glasgow is the best in Britain and this iTour describes it by those best placed to know – music enthusiasts, music promoters and the bands themselves. It’s a vivid portrayal of a stylish, vibrant and creative city and I am sure it will persuade more people to visit."

The iTour features music from and interviews with local bands including Franz Ferdinand, Belle and Sebastian, Snow Patrol, The Delgadoes and Arabstrap.

The iTour can be downloaded for free and the company is encouraging people to share the file.