FileMaker is shipping the worldwide English version of FileMaker Developer 6, a tool for custom-database developers.

The solution includes all the features of FileMaker Pro 6, but adds a number of developer tools, too.

Such developer tools include Script Debugger for testing scripts within a FileMaker solution, and Database Design Report, which helps developers document the database structure, including fields, scripts, relationships and layouts.

Both features support the new script steps introduced in FileMaker Pro 6, including XML import and export, the capacity to import a Folder of files, Constrain and Global find and Replace.

The Developer Tool allows developers to showcase their solutions in Kiosk-mode format, or to make use of available royalty-free runtime solutions built to work with FileMaker's databasing engine.

Leveraging some of the technologies introduced with FileMaker 6, the developer edition permits for building advanced XML support into databases. Such solutions can import and export XML data to and from other applications in a variety of output formats.

FileMaker Developer 6 also includes extensive documentation and examples for JDBC, which developers use to build Java front ends to FileMaker databases and ODBC, for making FileMaker databases accessible remotely.

The product costs £379 (ex VAT). Licensed users of version 5 and 5.5 Developer edition qualify for a £65 rebate.