dxstorm.com and Planet Payment have joined forces to create the world’s first truly global e-commerce solution. dxstorm.com offers merchants the ability to support international taxes, shipping to 250 countries and operable in any language or currency. dxstorm products are designed to be easy to use and are aimed at Web masters and businesses both large and small, enabling a business to create a virtual, online shopping cart/order form.

Planet Payment provides merchants with settlement in multiple currencies and transaction processing in real-time through the authorize.net payment gateway. Planet Payment offers businesses the ability to accept credit cards online in real-time in almost any currency. Businesses need a credit card merchant account and a secure payment gateway. Planet Payment offers the facility to use Visa, MasterCard and American Express through the authorize.net gateway.

Now, for the first time it's possible for non-US resident companies to offer products for sale to a global audience. Non-US resident merchants can forego the residency requirements to obtain a US dollar merchant account. US-based merchants also benefit from the ability to process transactions in 14 currencies other than the US dollar.

"We are offering the first real global solution to a world market and there has been an overwhelming response for this," said Gregory Lowes, President of dxstorm.com: "This alliance provides the ability to truly sell online to a global market no matter how large or small the company. This is incredibly exciting."

Philip Beck, chief executive officer of Planet Payment states: "Providing multi-currency credit card payment solutions to merchants everywhere and enabling secure online real-time e-commerce is at the core of our company. We are truly excited about the implications for merchants around the globe."

The global payment service costs $595 one-off set-up fee with 3.95% fee per transaction and an additional fifty cents (US) per transaction fee. These charges are to the merchants who want to sell online. Customers pay no extra fees and gain the facility to pay in a currency of their choice. dxstorm.com as part of its virtual shopping cart package also offer customers the facility of paying from their chosen currency to that of the vendor at real time exchange rates. If you buy a product when a currency is weak, and the next day the currency strengthens the exchange value will be taken on the day and actual time you made the exchange, not the next.