Global demand for RAM has risen in direct correlation to the success and sales of computers over the last year – reaching endemic proportions in the US.

Stateside RAM vendor Trans International had B&W G3 128MB memory modules listed at $128 early last week; by last Friday the price has risen to $225. A competing vendor has seen the same module rise to $249.

An American seller, said through a spokesman that prices have "more than" doubled in the last two and a half months. Meanwhile in the UK a spokesperson for Mygate Computers states: "The prices have gone up and continue to rise. We can see no immediate end to the price increases."

Already the UK consumer has seen rises of £10-15 across the board with memory modules. This at a stage when most major resellers are engaged in selling out stockpiled stocks: A Mygate spokesperson said: "We saw the rise coming and prepared ourselves," in an attempt to minimize damage to their customers. The full impact is being felt by the smaller retailers who lack the storage and financial resources to buy large amounts of RAM in bulk. Be aware.