Quark president and CEO Fred Ebrahimi told of his company's "worldwide workflow" vision for the future of publishing at Seybold.

Quark's vision of network publishing uses QuarkXPress as the core application, with an assortment of server technologies to create opportunities for global workflows. At the show, the company revealed its Quark Active Publishing Server (aka QuarkAPS), a client-server solution that lets content creators update and modify documents using a Web browser.

Ebrahimi dismissed Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen's belief that publishing's future rests with e-books, PDAs and mobile phones.

"We don't show movies on mobile phones. I think that's a stupid idea," said Ebrahimi. Quark believes that tomorrow's publishers need solutions that let creators manage content from anywhere using a browser.

Paper tiger He also underlined his belief in the market for paper-based publishing: "Publishing on paper will continue for the next 20 years. It's still profitable," he said.

Quark also announced plans to eliminate hardware password-dongles from its products, and revealed that its technical support call-centre has reduced the wait for support queries "to two minutes".

QuarkXPress 5.0's beta-testing program is to begin over the next few weeks. Version 5.0 is the update to Quark's industry-standard publishing solution. A thousand more beta-testing workplaces are wanted. Quark says those interested in beta testing XPress 5.0 should write to the company.

Quark stresses that XPress 5.0 will not ship until it is a stable, well-tested application.