Adobe announced the release of GoLive 5.0 yesterday.

GoLive is Adobe’s Web-site creation and management application, designed to support workgroups and meet the needs of designers and coders. Version 5.0's interface has been designed to reflect that of other products from the company, particularly Photoshop.

Other new features include simultaneous layout and source views, HTML-elements search-&-replace operations, and an in-built version of Photoshop’s "Save for the Web" image-optimization features.

A 360 Code feature has also been added, which controls Web design source-code. An Adobe spokesperson said: "This means Web designers can freely move HTML pages and JavaScript – including custom markup language – between the visual environment of GoLive and any text-based HTML editor, with no impact on the content or structure of the document’s source code."

GoLive 5.0 can also import Photoshop as HTML. It supports multiple undos, varying table styles and cascading style-sheet enhancements – with ten more enhanced-productivity features. Site-management features have been boosted, with site-design diagrams now available. Advanced site-reporting features and workgroup collaboration features have also been added. A JavaScript software developers kit (SDK) and debugger also appear.

A QuickTime editor with streaming support is also in place – with Flash, RealNetworks and scalable vector-graphics support thrown into the application’s mix of new features.

GoLive 5.0 costs £199 (excluding VAT).