Adobe has announced GoLive 6.0 for Classic and Mac OS X.

This version is more stable than GoLive 5.0, promised Peder Engrob, Adobe's European business development manager for Web publishing. He added: "With version 5.0, we had to develop so many features so swiftly that the application suffered in terms of stability. However, version 6.0 is an excellent build."

GoLive 6.0 includes features such as Web-site design for Nokia mobiles. It also supports a number of emerging standards for handheld Web-access devices, including WML and i-mode.

Feature rich Enhanced features include Site Diagramming, which allows site plans to be created and exported as Illustrator or PDF documents. GoLive 6.0 can also deliver site reports with "in-depth" information - such as accessibility errors.

A solution for Web-design workgroups, called Workgroup Server, ships free in the box. This works on Mac OS X Server and lets workgroups share projects and resources using a Web browser. Engrob said: "Install it and it just works, and best of all, it's free." He also hinted that the Server solution could be included in the box with other applications, such as InDesign, in the future.

The Workgroup Server will track changes made to files, and offers a check-in, check-out feature so teams can avoid duplicating efforts, or working on incorrect versions of files. Different versions of a file can also be viewed side-by-side from within GoLove. It also has the ability to rollback to a previous version of a file. Any WebDAV compliant software application, such as Photoshop or Illustrator can share files directly with the Server.

Dynamic content The application offers dynamic-content authoring and project-collaboration features. It supports industry-standard media formats such as Photoshop and Flash files using Adobe's Smart Objects. The Photoshop and Illustrator support allows GoLive to slice images for the Web from within the application, so there's no need to switch between apps. The app also supports .PNG and .BMP files.

GoLive 6.0 supports database-driven content, including native support for common scripting languages. Dynamic Content supports ASP, PHP and JSP - this both automates production work and brings the creating environment for both static and dynamic content into one application.

The product has better Java support than earlier versions. "Our implementation of Java for rollovers supports a wide range of browsers - it's also very robust," said Engrob. Critics complained that previous versions of GoLive delivered oversized Java files in the past, but that's no longer the case. Engrob promised: "GoLive 6.0 is a lean, mean Java machine."

X factor In this product, at least, Adobe's engineers enjoyed working with Apple's new operating system. "GoLive developers and coders did a great job bringing this application to OS X," Engrob revealed.

GoLive 6.0 can repurpose InDesign 2.0 content for the Web using XML Web. It supports JavaScript and ships with the GoLive Software Development Kit (SDK). An additional feature allows for full QuickTime 5.0 editing for streaming presentations. Other supported multimedia formats include LiveMotion, Flash/SWF, Windows Media Player, DHTML and SMIL 1.0. This feature offers powerful abilities to edit dynamic streaming files.

GoLive 6.0 has also benefited form a number of enhancements to the products behaviour and controls. The user interface has been beefed-up with new menu options and improved palette and screen management. Options available in the Contextual Menus have also been expanded for a better and customizable user experience.

Checked out New page layout features include a Layout Grid to Table Conversion feature, which ensures HTML-based tables work correctly, according to Adobe. There's an HTML styles palette, Layout Document View and a Cascading Style Sheet Editor. The Syntax Checker is designed for HTML purists, who seek to build sites with the minimum of code. "We have the best Syntax Checker on the market," claimed Engrob.

GoLive 6.0's Table Management will manage nested-table design. The Table Palette now identifies and provides a special zoom in/zoom out tool to navigate through any nested table selection. The application also imports table data from other applications, including Excel and Word. Other table-management tools include a Table Menu and a Layout Mode.

Adobe has produced a solution for designers preparing e-commerce sites. With the help of Evovative's ProCart and PlugnPay's server software, Adobe claims its solution will give designers the opportunity to prepare e-commerce sites straight out of the box.

SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) Authoring support, a W3C-approved language enabling simple authoring of interactive a/v presentations comes in the form of a SMIL authoring module, enabling visual layout and control of a SMIL timeline. The results can be standalone or integrated within regular HTML pages. GoLive 6.0 ships with a Software Developer's Kit for those who want to customize or extend the capabilities of the product.

Finally, the product includes a Page Generator. This generates a series of static or non-dynamic pages based on templates and content sources in a dynamic site. This has been developed for sites whose content varies infrequently or are on a regular schedule, such as monthly magazine, catalogues or employee directories.

GoLive 6.0 costs 440 Euros (roughly £264), an upgrade from a previous version costs 110 Euros (£66). GoLive 6.0 and Live Motion together cost 490 Euros (£294). GoLive 6.0 ships in the first quarter 2002.