Adobe has released the final version of GoLive Dynamic Link for Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP).

Introduced in December, GoLive Dynamic Link is the first in a series of modules designed to help Web designers and programmers develop dynamic e-commerce and sites.

Adobe plans to support other server-side scripting languages, databases and e-commerce servers in the coming months. These include solutions from Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Mercantec and Open Market. A Software Development Kit (SDK) that lets third parties integrate GoLive with their own custom solutions is expected to ship in the summer.

GoLive Dynamic Link delivers dynamic pages using Microsoft’s ASP technology, an open Web-page development environment. ASPs can access ODBC databases such as FileMaker Pro, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle8i and Sybase. GoLive writes all the necessary ASP code to fetch the content, replace the template elements, and perform server-side actions.

The software is available for registered users of Adobe GoLive 4.0 (users need to update to GoLive 4.01 before downloading).