Google has acquired SketchUp developer @Last Software.

The news is revealed on the latter company's website: "Google has acquired @Last Software - so you might have just spit your coffee all over your keyboard, or you're rolling your eyes thinking this is another one of my April Fool's jokes. Believe me, we're still having a hard time believing it ourselves, but it's real - we are now Google!"

The software firm stessed a message of reassurance to its customers: "Are we going to give up on design and all the cool new features and products we have in the pipeline? No way! In fact, the mission doesn't change at all."

The company will continue to develop 3D tools, only now with more resources, it said. "The 3D world just got a huge boost, so please don't worry."

It appears the sale of the company to Google came about when @Last Software was developing a Google Earth plug-in for SketchUp.

"Google's resources will allow us to serve our current users better, and Google's reach will allow us to expose more people to SketchUp in one year than we could have touched in ten years on our own. '3D for Everyone' is becoming a reality," @Last Software said.