Google has launched a new webmaster-focused free service called Google Sitemaps.

The service allows webmasters to automatically submit their Web pages to Google. It means they can accelerate the process of getting their sites crawled by the search engine before sites were included in Google's index.

The company explains: "Now webmasters can inform Google about all their existing Web pages, prioritise the pages they want crawled first, and tell us when pages are updated so that Google can index new content faster."

Better data, better search

The company explains that its intention with the new service aims to furnish the search engine with more information about what is online in order to, "improve search results for users worldwide".

The service intends to help all webmasters, from those with a single Web page to companies with millions of ever-changing pages.

To use Google Sitemaps, a webmaster needs to sign up for the scheme onlline. After this step, they generate and submit an XML-formatted site list using Google's own free open source Sitemap Generator.

Webmasters don't require a Google account to generate and submit sitemaps. If they do create a Google account they then check the status of their maps and view diagnostic information for their submissions.

The new service is available in US English and German now, with more languages planned "in the near future", the company said.