Google News can now be downloaded as RSS or Atom feeds, Google has confirmed.

These feeds can be accessed using a user's choice of news reader. All English language Google News pages now carry RSS/Atom links. Clicking on either of these links will generate a feed of current stories related to the page a user is on.

Users can access Google News feeds four different ways:

Google News section feeds: users can get a feed for any Google News section by clicking on a feed link while they're on that page.

Google News search results feeds: users can also get a feed for any search they do on Google News by clicking on the Atom or RSS link on the left-hand side of their search results page and pasting the resulting URL into their feed reader.

Customized news feeds: users can create a feed of a customized news page (in English).

News feeds on a Google personalized home page: users can now add Google News to their Google personalised home page by clicking "Add Content," then "Create a Section," then pasting the feed URL into the empty field. 
Google said the new feature was introduced in response to user demand.