Google today announced two new services for UK users - Google Local UK and Google Maps UK.

Google Local UK aims to provide "comprehensive local information including business listings and related Web sites," the company said. It aggregates local data from with material purloined from Google's own index of "eight billion Web documents".

Google Local aims to provide information user's want, without having to rely on pre-determined categories. UK Google AdWords advertisers can use the new service to ensure a better quality of potential customer contact.

The service means a user can search for a fast food location in their area using the fast food keyword, (pizza, for example) and post code (or other location information, such as local tube station) in the search field. They then get a list of all the local outlets, with numbers, addresses, links and so on.

Google Maps UK

Google Maps UK lets users find and navigate through maps. The company describes this feature as working as follows: "Google Maps offers easy navigation for users, who can simply drag the map to view the adjacent parts of a map without re-loading the page.

"The service is also integrated into Google Local UK, so that users looking for local information can immediately see the location of their search results on a map and find directions on how to get there from any given point."