Google Print has announced new book-specific search services in France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and Spain.

The services offer an interface localised for each country and let users search across growing collections of books in each language.

International versions of Google Print will be available from the Google Labs page in each country. Book results will be integrated into Google search results pages in these countries.

Google Print has already launched publisher programs in France, Italy, Germany, Holland and Spain, allowing publishers from those countries submit their titles to the scheme. Support for more countries and languages is planned.

The Google Print team will attend Frankfurt Book Fair where it will deliver a series of free, educational seminars to help publishers and authors understand and join the scheme.

Google users can search the full text of every book scanned by Google Print. They get instant links to online book stores where they can buy relevant titles. They also gain access to a bibliographic page and a few sentences of the book in which the keyword has been found.

Public domain books can be read entirely online.