Google has renamed its Google Print service and now calls it Google Book Search.

The company does not expect the move to calm critics of the scheme. Product marketing manager Jen Grant revealed the name change in a company blog posting last night.

She said that the company has received comments from users excited about the prospect of Google Print making it easier for them to print documents. The service, however, was designed to let users search within books and has nothing to do with actual printing.

The Web site address has changed from to

The new name is expected to help users better understand the service, although Grant notes in the post that the company doesn't think the name change will affect the opinion some people have of the program.

She's referring to the chilly reception Google Book Search has received from some quarters. Two writers groups, The Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers, have separately filed lawsuits charging Google with copyright infringement. They say that Google infringes on copyright when it scans in the contents of books, which it does in order to create the database for Google Book Search, without asking for permission from authors or publishers.