The world's leading search engine Google appears under attack tonight, and other search engines also seem to be targets.

A variant of the MyDoom virus, MyDoom.0, has begun launching itself against the company's servers, reports claim.

The company's entry in the official WHOIS database held by Internic has also been hacked, with SearchEngineLowDown reporting this action was launched using a well-known spammer domain.

The impact of the attack is inconsistent. Some surfers report no problems using the service, while others receive an unusual Google error message, which reads: "Server Error. The service you requested is not available at this time. Service Error -27."

Posts on reveal that other search engines appear uunder attack. Various posters claim the attack is taking place against Alexa, Overture, Alta Vista and Yahoo.
Macworld is unable to confirm all the information contained in this report, and Internet security services also appear to be responding to this attack, as no information has yet been disclosed.

The attack happens as Google today announced that its highly anticipated initial public offering will be worth as much as $3.3 billion and could have an initial market capitalization of $36.25 billion.