Apple's newest vice president Al Gore is more popular than Apple CEO Steve Jobs, according to shareholders.

In the vote to elect officers to Apple's board, Gore received over 40 million more votes than Jobs.

No recount was necessary, and, in common with SEC regulations, all eligible shareholders were able to vote. The tally gave Gore 286.3 million votes in comparison with Jobs' 244.4 million.

The information was contained in Apple's Form 10Q quarterly report, released Tuesday night.

Jobs needn't complain - he was awarded $1.2 million in company-related airplane expenses, for the use of his private jet between 2001-2002. Apple has also spent $161,000 on air travel so far this year. The company is known to use the jet to take Apple bigwigs between industry events and conferences. Company insiders say this works out cheaper than normal air travel.

Apple's stock price stands at $18.55, climbing to $18.59 on late trading yesterday.