Apple's success in the scientific research markets is opening doors for the company within the potentially lucrative government and enterprise markets.

US title Government Computer News last night confirmed this in a piece titled: "Apple Xserve G5 challenges Linux clusters".

It begins: "The Xserve is not for IT people, it's for users themselves to set up, Apple's server hardware product manager Douglas Brooks said."

Brooks was speaking at the US Federal government computing event FOSE 2004 in Washington. He told attendees there that: "Dual-processor version is hardware-streamlined for tight coupling in an Apple Workgroup Cluster, in contrast with the more loosely coupled Linux PC clusters nicknamed Beowulf."

Apple stressed its good relationship with the open-source community at the show, and that it is "proactive" about security.

Recent reports claim the US FBI uses Macs, as they are more secure than market-dominant Windows systems.